Northern Light Operatic Society was formed in April 1966 with the aim of presenting musical comedies and light opera to the people of the Northern district in the newly opened Shedley Theatre. Our first production was Quaker Girl and, since that first show, we have produced over 100 quality shows. The change to Northern Light Theatre Company came in the 1970s where we became an incorporated body.

Here at NLTC we strive to put on quality musical theatre productions and keep musicals alive in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. Our shows are all performed at the Shedley Theatre, Playford Civic Centre in Elizabeth and we are very lucky to call this beautiful theatre our home. We are a committee run, not for profit organisation and our current committee is;

President - Sue Pole
Vice President - Cheryl Ford
Secretary - Jan Powell
Treasurer - Sue Pole
Business Manager - Tom
Publicity Officer - Louise Watkins
General Members - Lance Morgan, Daniel Knowles and Russell Ford

Northern Light has had many award norminations and award winning shows including:

ATG Curtain Call Awards 2005 winner for Best Show, Musical:

ATG Curtain Call Awards 2006 winner for Best Technical
The Wizard of Oz - Anne Humphries, Costumes

ATG Curtain Call Awards 2007 winner for Most Popular Show:
Singin’ in the Rain

ATG Curtain Call Awards 2013 winner for Production & Costume Design:
Into The Woods (Damon Hill, Alex Ramsey, Chris Golding, Darren Sheldon, Anne Humphries
& Fran Edwards)

TASA MUSical Award 2018 winner for Best Youth Female Performer:
Holly Abbott for her role as Annie

We are very proud that we were the training ground for many talented performers and technical crew who have since gone on to work in professional theatre locally, interstate and internationally. The most notable of these are Andy Pole, who has appeared in Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Jekyll & Hyde nationally, Charisa Lynne (Barfoot) and Jaii Beckley.

Apart from these in full time musical theatre many of our past and current members are part time or semi professional.

Past and current members who have worked professionally inlclude:
  • Andy Pole
    • Professional musical theatre, commercials.
  • Charisa Lynne (Barfoot)
    • Professional musical theatre.
  • Jaii Beckley
    • Professional musical theatre.
  • David Winston
    • Films, plays, commercials.
  • Neil McKinnon
    • Professional musical theatre, commercials.
  • Vaughan Harmer
    • Films, commercials.
  • Rob Syme
    • Theatre restaraunt, music, cabaret acts.
  • Sue Pole
    • Theatre restaraunt, choreography, television, promotional work.
  • Matt Byrne
    • Commercials, theatre restaurant, writing, directing.
  • Rodney Hutton
    • Films, commercials, TV, theatre restaurant.
  • Ceri Hutton
    • Theatre restaurant.
  • Jeff Lang
    • Promotional work, commercials, theatre restaurant.
  • Theresa Dolman
    • Commercials, film script, stand-up comedy.
  • Linda McCarthy (nee Brooks)
    • Professional singing engagements.
  • Darren Hassan
    • Promotional work, commercials, cabaret.
  • Adrian Dilger
    • Theatre restaurant.
  • Rick Williams
    • Commercials.
  • Anne Williams
    • Commercials, films.
  • Lisa Lacy (nee Bld)
    • Commercials, theatre restaurant.
  • Drew Webb
    • Promottional Work.
  • Shella Gee
    • Commercials.
  • Kurtys Ramond
    • Theatre restaurant, touring ships in Asia.
  • Rohan Watts
    • Theatre restaurant, MC and compere work.
  • Ian Barge
    • Professional theatre technician.

This list is not exhaustive, just an example! The depth of talent in the company at present is a sign that many of our young members willl follow in their footsteps.

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Cinderella
  3. Into the Woods
  4. Leader of the Pack
  5. Little Shop of Horrors
  6. Pirates of Penzance
  7. The Sound of Music
  8. Cinderella
  9. Title 12
  10. Title 13
  11. Title 14
  12. Title 15
  13. Title 17
  14. Title 18
  15. Buddy
  16. Seussical