Current Show

Our Current Show

Northern Light Theatre Company presents The Wedding Singer in April 2024.  Take a look below for all the information about the show, our production team, and our fabulous cast! Stay tuned to our social media channels for timely updates, and grab your tickets as soon as they are available!

Tickets can be purchased at this link.

Production Team

Director: Matt Smith
Musical Director: Matthew Rumley
Choreographer: Lucy Newman
Assistant to the Choreographer: Celeste Barone
Production Manager: Cheryl Ford


Robbie Hart: Sam Mannix
Julia Sullivan: Catherine Breugelmans
Holly: Tegan Gully-Crispe
Sammy: Kristian Latella
Glen: Doug Phillips
Linda: Robyn Brookes
George: Ryan Ricci
Rosie: Clare Hastings

Holly Abbott, Eloise Atterton, Kiera Barge, Claire Birbeck, Nathan Button, Lorren Cianci, Liliana Carletti, Rebecca Etienne, Will Faulds, Carolina Fioravanti, Ben Fleming, Russell Ford, Katie Gue, Cynthia Gustavsson, Steve Lewis, Brent Matthews, Kyle McAuliffe and Tal Wilhelm.