Current Show

Our Current Show

The Northern Light Theatre Company production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame comes to The Shedley Theatre in October 2024. Take a look below for all the information about the show, our Creative Team, and our fabulous cast and choir!

Stay tuned to our social media channels for timely updates, and grab your tickets as soon as they are available.

Production Team

Director: Gordon Combes
Musical Director: Matthew Rumley
Choreographer: Sue Pole
Production Manager: Jan Powell
Assistant Production Manager: Tammy Humphries


Quasimodo – Sam Mannix
Dom Claude Frollo – Andrew Crispe
Esmeralda – Catherine Breugelmans
Phoebus De Martin – Robbie Breugelmans
Clopin Trouillefou – Parisya Mosel

Liliana Carletti · Addie Casamento · Nicholas Centofanti ·
Lorren Cianci · Dominic Hodges · Gary Humphries · Graham Loveday · Kyle McAuliffe · Sanjay Mohanaraj · Alieysha Nicholls · Rebecca Pynor · Wendy Rayner Thomas Sheldon · Billy St John · Michelle Tan · Nadine Wood


Eloise Atterton · Ilona Atterton · Rachel Banham · Kiera Barge Tielah-Jade Cannon · June Degaris · Benjamin Fleming · Trish Hendrick · Chany Park Hoffmann · Rebecca Mason · Carolyn Mesecke · Mark Nathan · Annaliese Nietschke · BJ Peake · Eloise Quinn-Valentine · Dylan Rufus · Theresa Simons · Cathryn Stevens · Ian van Schalwyk · Linda Vernillo · Clare Willems